Fanny Van de Poel, M.A/CHT
Certified Hypnotherapist
22 Mount Auburn Street
Watertown, MA  02472 
Monday - Saturday
9am - 21pm
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617 301 20 30

"She has an amazing capacity creating trust and compassion."

R. J. (Seattle, OR)


"I called Fanny in October 2016 since I experienced a lack of self confidence at work and had many doubts regarding my capacities to do my job. I also used to be very stressed in situations that where not objectively stressful. Fanny quickly understood the problem, and proposed very efficient tools to make me realize that many of my doubts were unfounded, to make me change my way of thinking, to help transform negative thoughts into positive thoughts, and to better handle my stress. All that work took only 4 sessions, and I feel much better now, I feel as concerned but less stressed about my job, and enjoy it a lot more. Thanks again Fanny for your precious help!" C.G. (Boston, MA), Nov 2016.


"In the past 4 years, I lived in 3 different countries, 2 continents, had 2 babies, suffered from 2 majors post partum hemorrhagees with my life threatened every time, followed by post traumatic disorder. When I moved to Boston last January, I started panic attacks and depression. In April, I started medication against my will, and weekly psychotherapy. When the therapist told me I had to go through the emotions I kept inside for the past 4 years, I just said 'no'. Fanny, the therapist from The Wise Self Hypnotherapy showed me that there were other ways to heal without suffering again, and session after session we tackled the difficulties I have been through. Now, middle of october, the panic attacks are gone and the best is that I am not afraid to have one anymore. I am on the process to reduce the medication (10 mg of citalopram) and I plan to be off by the end of November. So my message is simple: if you suffer, please keep your head up and book an appointment with Fanny, she will help you. All the best." P. C (Medford, MA), published on Yelp Oct 2016.


"Normally, I find my situations where I can't find my voice. Often I don't realize that I needed to speak up until a day later. When I can't express my emotions in a healthy way, they stay locked inside me. Feelings of anxiety often arise as a result. Anxiety does not allow me to be present in the moment, drains me of energy and causes me to loose focus. After my third session of hypnotherapy I had a breakfthrough and I find myself setting healthy limits with my students, and my own children. I am finding more courage to speak and respond to situations in a healthy way. The therapy is allowing me to heal old wounds so that I am not weighed down and encumbered by them. I can grow as a person, and fulfill my pure potential." K.C. (Arlington, MA), May 2016.


"I enjoyed the pace of the session and appreciated the accurate choice of words that Fanny used during the session. Fanny's keen understanding of my issue allowed me in just one session to identify some of the fears that were holding me back from acting in a specific situation. With that enlightenment, I was able to find ways to address my fears, and now I know what to do to resolve my issue. During the whole session I felt safe, listened to, and respected. Thank you for your work!"  R.R. (Switzerland), May 2016.


"To undertake a work in hypnosis with Fanny Van De Poel was a very nice experience. Thanks to her generosity, her personal investment, her talent, her attention to details and to her incredible intuition, she helped me quickly to revitalize myself, to untie the source of my anxieties, to settle down and find inner peace as the sessions went by. The inner growth and the amount of change that I have experienced working with her in so few sessions is  astonishing. Now I feel ready to embrace my life with passion and achieving my dreams. I have all the necessary tools to move forward at my own path".
M.F. (Cambridge, MA), April 2016.


"I called Fanny when I was pregnant because my family life felt stressful and I constantly felt agitated. Fanny helped me to focus on positive thoughts regarding the arrival of our upcoming baby, to feel more calm and secure about becoming a mother, and to deal much better with my fears, anxieties, and insomnia. Thanks to hypnosis, I was able to live much more calmly and serenely throughout the remainder of my pregnancy. The sessions helped me relax deeply and set up mental images that I can use everyday when I face stressful or difficult events. Fanny is a great listener, and she offers targeted sessions which are tailored and individualized to your specific needs. I highly recommend Fanny because she offers an effective method for finding solutions to the challenges of life, even when the situation seems hopeless." A.T. (Cambridge, MA), November 2015.


"I've struggled my entire life with social anxiety stemming from feelings of inadequacy. While various counselors over the years had offered suggestions or tips for how to deal with the issue, I found that regular counseling was never able to touch the root of my issue. When I first read about hypnotherapy, I was skeptical because it sounded too good to be true, but I decided to begin hypnotherapy with an open mind and hope for the best. After a few appointments with Fanny, I had a real breakthrough during one particular hypnotherapy session - I found wisdom within myself that made me feel very good and safe during the session.  Even more exciting, I was shocked during the next days and weeks to discover that I no longer felt crippled by anxiety when in social settings. It has been several months since my last session, and I still feel the positive impact of the treatments.To anyone who is struggling with an issue:  I highly recommend The Wise Self Hypnotherapy!"  S.R. (Watertown, MA), September 2015.


"Hypnotherapy with Fanny has been a very good experience. It was my first experience with hypnotherapy, and Fanny helped me so well. She accompanied me on my journey to feel better and to heal, and she gently allowed me to heal at my own pace. She is a wonderful listener, generous with her time and advice. A few appointments helped me to identify the roots of many of my issues, and to find solutions within myself. She gave me great tools to deal with my issues in the long-term, and she taught me to trust in myself. I previously had a few experiences with psychotherapy, but hypnotherapy made a big difference in my life. Hypnotherapy is a subtle and effective way to reach a state of well-being, and it allowed me to solve old issues that I had not been able to successfully overcome using classical therapy. Working with Fanny was a very rich experience." N.M. (Arlington, MA), June 2015.